I still find it surprising that the Tiny House movement now has its own cable television series here in the United States. After all, we invented the Big Gulp, the Big Mac, and even built the Big Easy and the Big Apple. However, it turns out that Thinking Tiny can make a big impact – an impact which goes far beyond the size of our homes. In this post I’m hoping to arm you with some of the tiny ways you can begin to unlock The Magic of Thinking Tiny in your own day-to-day life. Some of these tiny tips will be practical and obvious tiny things to do, but as you’ll discover, there are also many surprising and counter-intuitive ways of Thinking Tiny that can make a big impact.

So, let’s imagine Tiny as a super-charged character – like one you might see in an animated movie. She has a tiny blue cape with a tiny red “T”, and behind her black bandit mask, we notice her eyes are clear and quick with determined playful twinkle. She might be tiny, but we can tell from how she stands, arms folded, that she means business. So how do we characterize all of the awesome mutant superpowers of Tiny, and where does she get her superpowers from?

1). Tiny Dreams In Hi-Res Tiny unleashes incredible time-bending powers by first creating a super high definition vision of what her future will look like and then keeping it clearly in sight at all times. Tiny constantly plays her dreams and goals on the biggest clearest OLED screen you’ve ever seen. This is why leap-frogging into the future with Tiny can feel so effortless. Simply by staying overwhelmingly clear about what you’re trying to achieve makes countless tiny things in your life line up in a pleasant and effortless fashion. This clarity allows you to knock down one tiny challenge after another in rapid light-speed succession. Tiny dreams in hi-res, 24/7/365 about where her invisible jet is heading – allowing her to cut through the air from point A to point B in no time!

2). Tiny Starts Now With a clear destination in mind, Tiny moves so fast you might just miss her altogether. Tiny does not require ponderous committees or position papers or Hamlet-like soul searching. She doesn’t require heroic speeches or heart pounding motivation. Tiny starts and finishes in a blink of the eye with minimum stress and maximum impact and simplicity, quickity quick. Tiny is always now and never tomorrow. Tiny, tiny, tiny, now, now, now!

Because of the tremendous rate at which she travels, Tiny learns at exponential rates. This is because Tiny is constantly failing, getting back up, and trying again, fast, fast, fast. Tiny has learned 20 quick lessons in the time it takes most people to even open the book. Fail, fail, got it, fail, fail, fail, fail, got it, fail, got it – zip, zip, zip, experiment, experiment, experiment. Tiny is the fleeted-footed niece of Athena and trains before dawn with Mercury and Hercules just for fun. No hand-wringing over mistakes, no embarrassment, no “I’m too stupid to learn this”. Traveling in the instant genius now, Tiny believes that if something is made tiny enough, anyone can learn that one tiny thing – even if it takes dozens of rapid tries. Tiny is a mistake making, curiosity drenched, experiment making, happily voracious accelerated learning machine. Remember Pac Man gobbling up all those tiny nuggets? Tiny always starts now, allowing her to cut through the tech-driven information clutter with a magnetic sense of timing, picking up just the right ideas at the right time and then applying new lessons with a joyful and effortless sense of je ne sais quoi.

3). Tiny Travels Light Tiny has her bags packed by the door and travels light, always ready for fun and adventure. She only packs the most essential items, trusting that whatever else she might need will become available along the way. By traveling light and simplifying her life she is always ready to spring into action. Tiny knows that by taking action, no matter how tiny, she will unlock the goal-achieving equivalent of desktop fusion, bending time forward and ushering in fantastic new futures. One tiny and inspired action in the right direction triggers a high-energy cascade of other tiny steps until entire mountains are moved into the sea before breakfast.

We all know intuitively that tiny actions can trigger avalanches which is why we so often become mired in complete procrastination – our lives filled up with all kinds of baggage and excuses. We know what that first tiny step might bring, so we literally and figuratively pile up mountains of stuff and excuses in front of the door marked “Change”. As Gandalf reminded Frodo, “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” Tiny though, is not the least bit afraid of the avalanches of change that she unlocks. In fact, she rides the avalanche of change like an extreme skier down the mountainside with sheer delight. Tiny always takes action and then is ready to travel as far and fast as the road will take her, completely energized and totally effortless. Leaving all unnecessary baggage behind, Tiny travels light and simple, happily focused on her destination.

4). Tiny Listens With Bionic Ears Tiny listens with super powerful bionic ears to all the countless tiny bits of feedback as she travels, allowing her to course correct with ease. Tiny not only listens to the feedback, but to what the data is actually saying. Tiny pours over the data and distills those slight whispers of success and failure that everyone else is too busy to hear. Tiny listens to and organizes the massive internet tsunami of information and then laser focuses it on her crystal clear vision of the future – tuning to just the right information feeds and connections, uncovering just those essential bits of critical information. Ear to the ground and eyes fixed on her hi res dreams, Tiny flies across the often dark and chaotic skies without hesitation, listening with her bionic ears to a stream of constant and powerful feedback.

5). Tiny Changes Like A Chameleon Smart sees trouble coming in the middle of the game, and calls a different play. Tiny see trouble coming and makes up an entirely new play on the fly that no one has ever seen before. Smart is good, but Tiny is massively and sublimely adaptable. Because Tiny requires so little energy, she can pivot all day long in response to whatever unfolds. Kaizen, the Japanese mantra of continuous improvement can seem onerous until seen through the eyes of Tiny who makes continuous improvement completely playful and light. Savvy chameleon, bender of time, unquenchable phoenix and mighty transformer of worlds – at just the right moment Tiny raises her hands ever so slightly and sends tiny iridescent sparks of change and spontaneity flying into even the darkest and most hopeless of situations, leaving the competition wondering what just happened, while effortlessly moving into the future from one massive accomplishment to the next.

6). Tiny Surprises Like A Magician Tiny is so small that when she delivers disproportionate results we are caught completely off guard. Not only are the results of Tiny more than we can imagine, but Tiny delivers in ways we could never dream of in a million years. The world turns out to be infinitely more malleable than it appears – when we push on the right tiny levers. Never ever tell yourself “this tiny thing can’t possibly make a difference”. You literally have no basis for accurately making that assertion! Our capacity for understanding the interconnections of this world are incredibly limited and narrow. So, if at any tiny moment in time, Tiny is whispering to you to step out of your routine and do some tiny good or inspired new thing, then heed the call, because in reality, Tiny is probably getting ready to unleash some time warping incredibly big and magical surprises.

A slight gesture. A kind word. A playful diversion. A tiny hesitation before hitting the soaring beautiful note. A tiny lean to the right before cutting left down the field to win the game. Tiny makes magical moves happen so fast that hardly anyone notices them, but they are real and powerful, and they are the difference between winning and losing, greatness and mediocrity, vast fortunes and eking out a living, a loving relationship or a lonely one. To become a master magician of tiny surprises, open your eyes and notice the tiny subtleness all around. It’s a virtuous circle – the more you appreciate the inherent subtleness and magic of Tiny, the more subtle and magical you will become, and the more she will shower you with vast and surprising results. In fact, Tiny has an invisible plane full of jaw-dropping fantastic surprises ready to be delivered at supersonic tiny speed. To place an order, you just need to start thinking tiny! Never underestimate the magical surprises that only Tiny can deliver.

7). Tiny Lounges Like A Movie Star When we see glamorous movie stars lounging around the pool, we instinctively think of money and fame, but Tiny knows that money and fame are just the outward expressions of doing and spending as little as possible. The more you build tiny bursts of rest and playful relaxation in your life, the more that riches and fame will follow. Tiny is an effortless frugal champion. It takes absolutely no capital to think tiny – just a tiny bit of energy flowing between your two ears. Even more importantly, in an information driven economy, Tiny can flip the capitalist vortex inside-out faster than light speed, sending income, wealth, abundance and money pouring towards you in an instant. Just one tiny idea while you’re resting and relaxing can instantly create more wealth than years of trudging to the office. Tiny is low weight, requires no storage costs, is easily reproduced, and when creatively invested with other tiny things, Tiny yields outsized awesome results in terms of capital, time and all other manners of success, wealth and love.

Each day, Tiny harnesses her seven super powers to unlock incredible levels of output and creativity. She starts her morning by reviewing her hi-res dreams, and then starts taking action like a sprinter out of the blocks, traveling faster than light speed into the instant genius now. With no baggage holding her back she can take one tiny action after another at a leisurely but incredible rate. Unleashing her unsurpassed listening skills Tiny is able distill just right course of action in the midst of tremendous change, and then adapt and surprise in ways that are truly magical. By the time the afternoon has rolled around, so much has already been accomplished that Tiny lounges by the pool, playing and relaxing like a movie star. As she rests, Tiny lets her mind wander – reflecting on her hi res dreams, and before she knows it another cascade of tiny actions are unleashed, spilling over into the evening hours. Before bed, Tiny focuses her thoughts and watches her hi-res dreams unfold one more and then sleeps well, knowing that tomorrow will be filled with even more powerful and unimaginable tiny surprises of all kinds.

To begin Thinking Tiny, start looking around your own life and see if Tiny has already been knocking at your door, inviting you on some big adventure? Have you been overlooking tiny coincidences? Missing tiny moments of beauty and happiness? Avoiding tiny changes? Piling up more and more excuses and stuff by the front door instead of just stepping out onto the road? Filling your mind with a constant stream of social media trivia and information clutter? If so, stop reading right now and go take one ridiculously tiny action towards your dreams and then watch what happens! Tiny already has her jet waiting on the runway and is ready to go!

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The 7 Secrets of Thinking Tiny

1). Tiny Dreams In Hi-Res

2). Tiny Starts Now

3). Tiny Travels Light

4). Tiny Listens With Bionic Ears

5). Tiny Changes Like A Chameleon

6). Tiny Surprises Like A Magician

7). Tiny Lounges Like A Movie Star

photo credit: iStock.com/Rohappy